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Ranch Brokerage

s a full service firm specializing in ranch real estate, Brown Ranch Group brings many years of experience in all aspects of rural property and the south Texas marketplace. In our business, the ability to understand a sophisticated and complex marketplace is critical-especially as it pertains to the valuation of rural property.

Potential Texas ranch buyers are finding it a smart move to hire BRG to represent them, rather than the seller, in the locating and purchasing of ranch land. With BRG as their "buyers agent" they enter the many faceted and confusing world of ranch real estate with the best possible advice from a true professional in the field. No longer do ranch buyers need to feel un-armed in the marketing shoot-out over expensive Texas ranch land.

"You made the money to buy a ranch by being the best at what you do. Now, when it comes time to spend it on a ranch, hire the best - BRG - to see that your get your moneys worth."

Estate Divisions/Partitions

As ranch land passes from one generation to the next it is many times necessary to have an expert divide it equally to insure equity of passage. In addition to ranch sales we also specialize in rural and ranch estate divisions and/or partitions. The estate partition process requires a high degree of expertise, credibility and sophistication.

Contact us for consultation in these matters.

Buyers Agent

Ranch Real Estate Sales

Estate Divisions/Partitions



Texas law requires all real estate licensees to give prospective buyers,
tenants, sellers and landlords the following:
Information About Brokerage Services & Consumer Protection Notice.